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What has been on, life update, finding peace..

I screwed up…

When I started this blog I aimed to post frequent, interesting and compelling content. I wanted to talk about different topics, spread positivity and all that jazz..

Then, life happened, I got too busy with my personal issues, university, part time job, plus a Personal Trainer Course I’m doing and I just had no time for myself, my friend, my family. I started to feel fatigued, anxious and I just knew I was not myself, I was not the Oliwia me and others knew as always positive and optimistic. I was not depressed, just fed up and I did not care at all. Hence why, I needed that little bits of my spare time to focus on myself and not on the blog.

But now, that I got things sorted, I am closer to end of this semester, have some more time and topics to talk about, I wanna get back on with it !

What has been going on ?

Well, over that few weeks, I managed to get a sponsorship from DGMW Paris, a new company from France creating very high standard, amazing and interesting fashion !! Cannot wait to share that with you 🙂

I have also signed up for my practical fitness and PT courses, so I aim to get certified ASAP to pursue with my dreams and help others !

Few more exciting things happened as well, me and my Pole Society did a little showcase and we have one more coming as well ! What is more, I had two photoshoots that I will soon share with you 🙂 Excited ?

I had some “homesick” moment over the time, but I have managed to overcome this. I feel like ever since I came to the UK, being so busy and excited about every new thing around me, I lost the bond I had with the God and forgot what my faith ment to me. I had just started reading the Bible back again, and I feel much happier !

I think what have helped overcome my homesickness was my brother’s visit. We took a trip to drive over to London to also meet up with my uncle and we had some amazing time, did some shopping as per usual haha, went to Camden.. Trust me, Camden is the best place in London ! you cannot miss it !

During that time we took PLENTY of pictures I want you to see.

What is great, it is only two more weeks till my parents are gonna pay me a visit as well, so I could not have been happier ! I am finally settling here, understanding what it’s like to be an adult, how to bulk cook haha. Most importantly I have learned that I cannot spend every £1 at top shop if i wanna pay my bills haha.

Here is more “updating content”, as pictures tell more than words ! I made sure to have a lot of fun over the time to kind of relax and chill with my “busy me”

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