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Downsides of being a model

Modelling industry appears to be all glamorous, sent from the heaven profession, with models wearing the latest, most expensive designer brands, get sponsored by beauty brands, have time to follow a “glam” “health” routine and so on. In honesty, only the most recognisable models, who have reached the elite level experience the above. The industry, in reality turns out to be cruel, demanding, depressing and exhausting. Most models end up working locally, long hours and for not so high pay.

Since I have experienced that myself, I thought it would be good to share the reality and the disadvantages of being a model.

#1 Stressful work environment

For both the client and the photographer a model often times turns out to be just an object, clothes hanger. Not many will care about your feelings. It might be cold or too hot, you might be hungry, tired, wanting to take a break. If other staffs are not satisfied “yet” they will push you to a point when you won’t even know your name and will only feel like sleeping for the next 10 days. Moreover, some photographers may want to use you, your body. The may even ask you to spend a night or a few with and sometimes threaten to refuse to pay if you disagree.

#2 Crazy long hours

Let’s start with that a model can be called in for a photoshoot any time, any day, whether she is ready or not. That said, ANY magazine, ANY ad and basically any photoshoot you can imagine hides HOURS of work and I do not mean 8, 10 hours but 18 or 20. A model will first spend a long time getting her skin damaged by excessive make up, hair damaged by excessive heat, touch ups and then crazy long hours in front of flashing lights making the job even more exhausting.


#3 Body image, comparison

Models are being under constant pressure of their agents telling them whether they are good enough or not. They are being compared to other models on a daily; put on all kinds of diets, athlete-like workout plans. That all often leads to disorders such as body dysmorphia, eating disorders etc. No one should feel like they are not good enough and a model should be appreciated and loved for her/ his uniqueness and not be aiming to look like someone else.


#4 Variable pay

It is funny to me how the pay differs depending on how “elite” you are in the business. The more recognisable the more you will get along with sponsorships and free trips. If you are pretty new, or just didn’t have enough luck to get to the elite level, even when you’re absolutely stunning you will have to work for the locals and expect to be paid bare minimum.

That said, I hope I have cleared out some common misleading opinions about the modelling industry. It’s not as glorious as most people think and it definitely requires confidence and strong mentality to survive and not go crazy.

Liv x

Another day, another photoshoot

Heya fwends

Recently, I have been so busy I didn’t even get to share with you a photoshoot back from early January !

I have met this photographer over instagram when I was still living in Poland. Turned out he was another polish guy, living in the UK. We kept in touch and finally after over half a year we found some time to put our photoshoot ideas into work.

The pictures turned out to be amazing, from the morning coffee vibe to late night photoshoot.

All this took place at his house, where he has a small studio. To be honest, when I first meet a photographer I always fear we might not get along what affects the pictures badly. I could not have been more wrong when it comes to Jack ! I felt very comfortable and just as if I was home.


Have a lovely day !

Mistakes I made when I started exericising

Are you one of the people that have just recently started with their fitness journey ?

If your answer was “YES”, then this article might be just right for you, so you do not repeat what I did.

I first started going to the gym when I was 16. At that time I was lucky to get a personal trainer’s help, as I suffered from my knees being injured from ballet. However, some time later I started exericising on my own and, probably out of laziness making mistakes.

#1 Training too hard

I have always been very used to different sport activities, but my 16 self thought I could jump into training 6 times a week again after a long break instead of starting calm to work my way up slowly. My muscles weren’t getting enough recovery and I remember being “forever sore”.

I learned, as long as you continue with your fitness journey.. Three times a week is plenty and even when there is a week when you did not have time to excerise – it’s okay. Quality over quantity and more importantly – health is the most important, your body needs the rest and time to recover which are personal.

person holding barbell
Photo by Victor Freitas on

#2 Not eating enough

More exercise = more hunger. Are you scared you might put on weight because you got the “beastly hunger” ever since you started exercising ? I can asure you, your metabolism has or is soon going to become a beast and YOU NEED THE FUEL !! I made that mistake and it caused me fatigue, stress and even more muscle soreness. It’s not that easy to put on a significant amount of weight as well as it is not very easy to loose a lot of weight quickly.

bamboo bamboo whisk board bowls
Photo by Pixabay on

Eat intuitively, healthy and your body will thank you 😉 No diet or calorie counting is sustainable long term, it will only mess with your mental health !

flat lay photography of fruit platter
Photo by on

#3 Bad nutrition

That was probably my biggest mistake and I see many of my friends doing the same unfortunately… I remember thinking “I have just exerised, I can eat all the chocolate!” NO, I CAN’T or SHOULDN’T. Not for the “weight gain” sake, because calories are calories… But chocolate is neither a pre workout nor post workout meal itself and you will end up destroying your health and not achieving your goals if you don’t fuel your body with good, nutritious foods.

Treat yourself and don’t get overly scared of “unhealthy foods” but do not treat them as a single meal that can be eaten pre or post workout, especially if performance matters for you 😉

That is all for todays post ! I just had a thought at 1am and thought I would share 🙂

Take care


What I eat in a day as a model and student

#foods #whatieat #model #student #meals

Today I come to you with my first “What I eat in a day”, let me know if this post is any good, helpful and whether you want me to write more of those in the future !

As students, we all have that “I’m too lazy to cook”, “I want something but idk what that is” days. I mean… happens everyday right ? Most of us, myself included try to save money so we can go out more often right ? However, my fit and healthy me is all about plant-based, nourishing meals.

I get the majority of my ingredients off a local market, as it’s the cheapest place to shop here. Did someone said 4 avocados for £1 ? As I said, I choose to eat plant-based. The process of transforming to this way of eating is not easy especially when one is used to eating a lot of animal products, but trust me, it’s well worth it. To add, I avoid processed foods as much as possible, but I do treat myself to caramel rice cakes (BEST THING EVER), dark chocolate (jk, eat that every day) or some vegan ice cream – in the end it’s all about balance. The less restriction – the less binging or cravings.

Most of the time, I do not track my calories, because I find it destructive to my mental health in the long term. I would only track it from time to time just for my information of how much I’m eating. To be honest, I do not trust calorie eating platforms and apps, to me, it is 100% personal and I found I eat more than some apps would say and I still weigh the same. If you need to count your calories, get your plan from someone who is certified and know what is the best way for you to count the calories based on your NEAT and additional activities.

My diet is all about carbs haha – and I’m 100% not overweight plus my fat % is probably very low. What do I say – first of all, I have a sweet tooth… second of all, my genetics just does not process the calories from chocolate and other carby stuff. Oh and, I am a sports’ beast, so that probably adds to it.

Though I do eat a lot of carbs, recently I have been introducing more and more of healthy fats to my diet, because my stomach is very sensitive and I easily get bloated. I found that nuts and avo really aids my digestion.

Sooo, here is what I ate today (those are only meals from one day and there’s times when I eat more or less…)


I LOVE BREKKIE. I could not leave my house or do any work without breakfast, and as you probably know PORRIDGE is my favourite

Before I eat however, I always have my “miracle water”. No miracle really… just helps my digestion. That has apple cider vinegar, honey, lemon juice, turmeric, cinnamon and ginger. Tastes actually delicious, thanks to the honey I can barely taste the vinegar.


Today, I had it with one whole mango, coconut yoghurt and almonds – honestly the best combination ever. You get the carbs, the fats and protein. Depending on my activity I would also add a scoop of soy protein. I also like to add superfoods such as ground flax seeds, barely grass, turmeric and cinnamon.



For lunch I have been loving “Throw together what is left in the fridge bowls”. Literally. You can call them buddha bowls, Mediterranean bowls or just Oliwia’s mess. Filling, delicious and nourishing !

Today I had buckwheat and lentils mixed with indian spices, half of an avocado, hummus, beetroot and cucumber.



I find it hard to have dinner everyday, because I am a big snacker post lunch time… But I try to save some space for something bigger, so today I enjoyed a bowl of gluten free pesto pasta. I added some tomato puree (better than ketchup trust me) and broccoli for GREEEENZ



I have no pretty pictures of my snacks, but I did have a trek bar and a random energy ball I found at Tiger.

And that’s it ! I usually consume around 2000-2500 kcals a day I think… Not sure but just there are days when I’m beyond hungry and days when I can barely eat. I do not stress about it, we’re just humans and food or body image should not take over our lives as long as we are healthy 😉


What I wore in London

Heya again, welcome back, hola, witamy…

In my previousLife update post I shared with you pictures from my trip to London. Ever since I have moved to the United Kingdom, I have put much less effort to what I wear seeing students walking in their pyjamas to the class, I am usually like “alright, I don’t have to care”.

But I like myself more when I look pretty, don’t we all ?

So yeah, I did put more effort to my “outside look” for that trip and I wanted to share what I wore. The outfit was pretty casual, as I am the biggest jumper and hoodie lover in the world, but I tried to make it a bit of classy as well. What is your opinion ?


Coat – Zara

Jumper – Zara

Hat – Top Shop

Bag – Top Shop

Jeans – Lee Wrangler

Shoes – Gino Rossi