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LIFE CHANGES| The pain of moving far away from your family and friends

To all my family members and best friends…

I knew I would have moved out to a different country to study ever since I was 8 years old. Still, no one including myself believed it would actually come to real life and I would have made my childhood dream come true. And here I am, now 20 years old working two jobs, studying polish girl living in the UK. I was 19 when I moved out, but 17 when I first moved to Germany to work for about two months. During that time I learned what real pain of missing family and friends was, how it felt like being broke or how to cook for myself and spend time lonely.

My uncle who plays a father like role for me now that I’m in the UK almost completely alone, lives over an hour from here but still I only end up seeing him maybe once a month, not to mention how rarely do I see my family – once in three or four months maybe ?

Honestly, trying not to take money from your parents and be independent requires quite a good mental strength. And that’s not the only thing I’ve mentally had to deal with ever since coming here. Changing jobs and therefore environments 3 times now, dealing with my previous landlords who are trying to play me for money… completely myself because why would I worry anyone else and… how are you supposed to take real life lessons if you can’t handle adult life ?

Now that all of my uni friends who have not found jobs moved back to Poland for those few months summer break in between year 1 and 2 of uni, I wake up being kinda lonely, with Netflix of course. But that’s life. I aim to save money, be able to pay for my parents’ holidays, save for my own holidays and smaller trips. Everything in life comes for a reason. Having those mental ups and downs I bought a book – 12 rules for life. Please everybody, read it. It’s a true antidote and kick ass literature that will make you feel better about yourself especially when trying to do something good but having to cope with shit loads of obstacles.

Do I regret any of my decisions ?

I regret being very impolite to my parents when on the phone. Sometimes when I feel a lot of pressure I think I end up putting my anger on them. But no.. I do not regret moving out, deciding to study here. I have the awesome opportunity to learn how to live and what live gifts is with at a very young age. Having chosen a university in Poland I probably would have stayed at my parents. I wouldn’t have to learn how to be independent and cope with problems. I’m grateful for whatever happened so far. Moreover, seeing my family or going back home now shows me how grateful I should be for having them and how much I used to take it for granted, now I fully appreciate every moment spent with them.

Would I recommend similar decisions to you ?

Yes, please get out of your comfort zone, explore the world, cry and be happy, overcome your insecurities, overcome problems, cope with them, appreciate the good and the bad.


To my family and friends… I love you

Liv x

Day at university in the UK

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a student in the United Kingdom ? Are you one of those people considering moving abroad for the crazy few years of university or maybe just for a year as in for exchange ?

That was exactly me just a few months back. I have always known I wanted to study in the UK, but the closer was the decision – the more concerned I was. In the end I thought I had always wanted this to happen and I would have been such a fool if I hadn’t tried.

So here I am ! Studying at Coventry University, nearly done with year 1, which I must say – has been so easy as if vacation never ended. We only had a few assignments, fairly enjoyable to be honest, and one easy exam.

So how does my day look like ?

Being completely frank, everyday is different, mostly because I only have three days at uni, and I usually don’t spend there more than 2-4 hours anyways. The only difference is, I have to do most work on my own doing research etc so I end up spending a lot of time in the library. During exams, midterms library is students’ first home here, no joke, we end up sleeping there and just getting our food delivered.

Apart from uni, I work part-time so I have to have that squeezed in my schedule. Right now I only work around 20 hours a week and I don’t even feel any pressure really.. I think I would be bored or end up going out WAYYYYY to much if not for the work.

I noticed a tendency of students here being all about fitness and health at the day and all about being alcoholics at night. Well, I must admit the I love our nights out just as much as working out so I probably fit in that category. I usually work out around 5 times a week. It might sound like a lot but being alone abroad completely changes your state of mind, you now have to deal with all the adulthood and sweating all that off at the gym is just the best way to detoxify my mind + I can eat anything anywhere ahahahaha

Ever since moving here, I never have to wake up earlier than 8:30 which is amazing. I usually have the chance to have a slow morning, where I wake up around 9/10 ish, enjoy my caffeine fix and morning netflix sesh. Afterwards, most times I will catch up on my e mail, write bits of my assignments or do other uni connected stuff.

Back in Poland, I remember I would only go to the gym at the end of the day. Here I got into a habit of working out between breakfast and lunch usually, which is a perfect to wake my mind up, I am most productive late evenings and a morning workout kind of boosts that productivity.

After I’ve had my workout depending on the schedule I will either head to uni or back home and do some work there. Then, it’s usually either work or friends time ! Work is nothing interesting to talk about haha. But nights out with friends ? Definitely. There is plenty of different clubs, pubs and different places offering a variety of activities such as climbing wall, ball room fun etc.


Lately we also have been having different events held by our societies. I took part in Spectacle which me and my Pole Fitness Society did to raise money for a charity ! That was just great fun and I have met PLENTY of amazing people. At such international oriented universities be prepared to meet people and make friends everyday. It is both amazing and as, especially when you have to separate with them for summer.


What has been on, life update, finding peace..

I screwed up…

When I started this blog I aimed to post frequent, interesting and compelling content. I wanted to talk about different topics, spread positivity and all that jazz..

Then, life happened, I got too busy with my personal issues, university, part time job, plus a Personal Trainer Course I’m doing and I just had no time for myself, my friend, my family. I started to feel fatigued, anxious and I just knew I was not myself, I was not the Oliwia me and others knew as always positive and optimistic. I was not depressed, just fed up and I did not care at all. Hence why, I needed that little bits of my spare time to focus on myself and not on the blog.

But now, that I got things sorted, I am closer to end of this semester, have some more time and topics to talk about, I wanna get back on with it !

What has been going on ?

Well, over that few weeks, I managed to get a sponsorship from DGMW Paris, a new company from France creating very high standard, amazing and interesting fashion !! Cannot wait to share that with you 🙂

I have also signed up for my practical fitness and PT courses, so I aim to get certified ASAP to pursue with my dreams and help others !

Few more exciting things happened as well, me and my Pole Society did a little showcase and we have one more coming as well ! What is more, I had two photoshoots that I will soon share with you 🙂 Excited ?

I had some “homesick” moment over the time, but I have managed to overcome this. I feel like ever since I came to the UK, being so busy and excited about every new thing around me, I lost the bond I had with the God and forgot what my faith ment to me. I had just started reading the Bible back again, and I feel much happier !

I think what have helped overcome my homesickness was my brother’s visit. We took a trip to drive over to London to also meet up with my uncle and we had some amazing time, did some shopping as per usual haha, went to Camden.. Trust me, Camden is the best place in London ! you cannot miss it !

During that time we took PLENTY of pictures I want you to see.

What is great, it is only two more weeks till my parents are gonna pay me a visit as well, so I could not have been happier ! I am finally settling here, understanding what it’s like to be an adult, how to bulk cook haha. Most importantly I have learned that I cannot spend every £1 at top shop if i wanna pay my bills haha.

Here is more “updating content”, as pictures tell more than words ! I made sure to have a lot of fun over the time to kind of relax and chill with my “busy me”

Home for Christmas

Everybody would agree with me that Christmas brings out the most memories, emotions and joy. This is the time for us to gather together with our families and close ones to share that feelings and spread love, happiness, especially if relatives cannot see each other often because of various reasons.

It would have been a lie if I said I get homesick easily, because I don’t. However, Christmas without my family is something I can’t imagine and being back home for that joyful time is the best thing I could ask for. I grew up in a big house with parents, brother and grandparents, and every year at this time me and my nan would bake tons of different Christmas gingerbread biscutis and make our traditional dishes. And I got to do that again this year !

I think, because my home in Poland is no longer my day to day home, I appreciated and preached every moment and the fact of being able to spend Christmas with my loved ones more than I did in the previous years. I made sure to memorise and picture every moment possible, hug everyone and tell them how much I love them all the time.

Monday till Wednesday I was basically just consuming all the food that was in the kitchen, I also baked biscuits with my nan, had an updating, long conversation with her while drinking coffee and eating freshly baked goods; me, my parents and my little bro decorated the Christmas tree together while listening to a very festive playlist and eating all the chocolates I bought from the UK for them to try; I have also visited my polish pole freaks and we had a session together; then, I have met a new photographer and we did a short, festive photoshoot at my city’s Christmas Market. On Wednesday I also visited our local church along with my fam and then we watched the one and only Home Alone.

On Thursday I met with one of my best friends and we went to see new polish, Christmas themed comedy and then obviously we had food. This time of the year is about getting happy and fat right ?

Friday me and my high school squad reunited and that was THE NIGHT. It included pub and club crawl, lots of polish spirits, one in particular 😉 It felt so good seeing them again after so long !

Saturday morning was, as you can imagine – a difficult one, but then in the evening me and my friend Karolina went ice skating and it took my mind back to the time when I was still in junior high and we would go ice skating almost every day during wintertime.

Sunday till Wednesday was all about my family, me and my mom went for a morning walk a couple of times, we all cooked our traditional Christmas dishes together , watched lots of festive films, drank a little too much alcohol, shared presents, laughed, ate it all. That was just the best time ever and I’m very sad Christmas is only once a year.

Then, sadly, it was time for me to pack and head to the airport to go back to Coventry. So me and my mom went on a little shopping trip to buy some goods from Poland, as well as, obviously – clothes. Then I packed my luggage and the next morning it was time to say goodbye to my family and go back 😦


All in all, it has been an amazing time and best Christmas of my life. It was great to see my friends and family after a long time, we had a sit-together and talk time everyday, when we would over indulge on homemade cakes and biscuits and talk for hours about what has been going on and also remembering the old times.

I’m looking forward to go back again this month hopefully !


Life update

Hello and welcome after a short break I could do nothing about and that had to be done due to TMAD, aka Too Many Assignments Due.

I’m coming to you with a short life update on what has been happening in my busy life.

Besides having a few too many course works to be done, which is obviously to boring to focus my post around this topic, in the meantime, I have had a photoshoot and have enrolled on a Personal Trainer level 3 and Fitness Instructor level 2 course. Finally !! I’ve been contemplating about this for a few years now so given the opportunity – I could not say no. This course will take me up to 9 months and I can do around 70% of it online which is fairly convenient as lets not forget, first of all I’m a full time student, secondly I additionally work part-time, furthermore I’m as well a part-time model, and wrapping my schedule around those three already makes me a freak.

Anyways, I will unquestionably keep you posted about how is the course going and how am I handling it all together with uni and two part-time jobs ! For now I will leave you to a decent amount of pictures we randomly shoot at my friend’s house last week !

Enjoy your Wed !