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Welcome !

Today I want to write you an update on my life and recent happenings, and also update you with the newest photoshoot that I recently had. Ever since moving to the United Kingdom I have felt completely lost, I have been swinging between one extreme of crazy happiness to an extreme of a deep sadness and I no longer knew what my purpose in life was. Before, I had always considered myself a happy person and could never understand people saying they felt unhappy, had a bad relationship with food, did not want to go out or tal to anyone. For the first time in life I had lost motivation for exercise for a few months. I still kept on going to the gym and pursued with my certifications but I was questioning what was good for me. I unintentionally lost weight and happened to have crazy low body fat what messed with my mind greatly, therefore causing me a disordered eating mindset.


For a very long time I would lie to my family and friends that everything was alright… Like we all do during hard times right ? I could not sleep normally, eat normally, do my daily activities because whatever I did felt so pointless. I have no idea what caused me to be in such a bad stage in life, I think it must have been a mix of different issues and subconscious stress. But two months ago I made one of my biggest dreams come true. Never had I believed I would have reached this far by the age of 20. I became a personal trainer and gym instructor at one of the leisure centres in my town. I finally met people with similar interest to mine, health freaks like myself and everything went back to being normal. In fact… I am probably the happiest I have ever been, I do not worry about things that I cannot control, I just let life be. I also have more certifications to come in the future that I am looking forward to. Moreover, I have understood that all of us come through hard times in life and finally confessed to myself that maybe help was needed but I would not admit it


For all the young, teenage girls out there having bad body image, disordered eating habits, go and seek for help it is nothing to be ashamed of and I think all of us will go through a tough times when we need help and that is okay. As I am writing this today, I am bloated, tired and probably ate too much. But I am happy as I am, accept myself, seek the cause if I ever get any bad emotions, accept the feeling and just deal with it. I cannot wait for what the future holds, am proud of my past, all the ups and downs and even of what I went through because that gave me a much greater understanding of people’s behaviour and how our inside issues affect our doings.

Stay positive people and love yourself first !


Why some are naturally lean ?

The “genes”…

Take a walk around the town and pay close detail to the people you see. You will see some great looking lean people perhaps downing their morning bagel, then you might notice someone very self-conscious and overweight. One thing is definitely true – our society is getting fatter and fatter due to the abundance of food and the variety of crazy meals we create and consume. So how do some stay lean ?

There are plenty of reasons. Obviously some just live the “diet lifestyle” and over obsess about the food or starve themselves. But others, luckily – including me 😛 happen to eat and wolf down everything in sight and we don’t really gain weight or if we do it’s probably only water retention after a night of “eat it all”.

Today, I am focusing on Cambridge University scientists’ find. They suggest that it is rooted in our DNA. Clinically obese people are often told to “stop being lazy and start moving more” however Professor Stephen O’Rahilly, Co-director of the Institute of Metabolic Research suggests that obesity, metabolic rate are about our genetics.

“We know for sure that a propensity for obesity – or its opposite, a propensity for leanness – is rooted in the genes. Some 70 per cent of the variation between people in terms of their amount of body fat is explained by inherited differences that are built into our genetic make-up and passed from generation to generation,” he said.

However, their work showed that those genes control mostly how satisfied we are after eating, how often do we get hungry, at what time etc.

We know two theories about “getting fat”. The first one “thrifty gene” developed by James Neel explains the obesity lying behind diabetes. The thrifty genotype would have been advantageous for early humans allowing them to store fat in times of abundance and survive in times of food scarcity. In modern societies with an abundance of food, this genotype prepares individuals for a famine that never comes. The result is obesity and diabetes. Speakman came up with another theory “drifty gene” and argues that the modern distribution of obesity stems from a genetic drift in the genes encoding the system that regulates metabolism and controlling an upper limit on our body fatness. Such a drift may have started because around 2 million years ago when ancestral humans ceased to be prey, which was probably a key factor maintaining the upper boundary of the regulation system.

Different scientists have different opinions and the case of obesity being rooted in our genes, which genes and why/ how has been a hot topic especially now that we notice a rise in obese people in our society.

In my opinion, yes genetics plays a great role in that case, but knowing you are prone to gain weight, why not pay closer attention to what you eat ? You cannot blame your weight on genes but on you in the end. We are humans, we are powerful and capable of change, that is where some might be called lazy. Each and every one of us has been “unlucky” with something different in life or genes and if we want to change it, we have to work on it. Moreover, exercise is just a mood booster and even if not physically, mentally you will be healthier every day. So get up and dance ! Move !



Tips on saving money as a student

Since you’re reading this, it either means you are broke or you’d rather see some more pounds on your bank account am I right ? We have all been there searching for “money saving tools” that were not really working anyways… Writing down monthly spendings to see what we can cut down on… Probably made you even more triggered to spend on what you don’t need 😉

I am one of those “spend as you go” people, so I constantly think of new ways to help me save some extra coins. Being a student, paying my own bills and utilities, going out and having to manage my own banking I have found some tips and tricks that ACTUALLY WORK when it comes to saving money. Trust me, if I say I’m saving money – everyone can.

#1 Cook for yourself

I know I know, millions of you don’t like cooking or think they cannot do it well. Believe it or not, once you come up with foods that you enjoy, you try to make them a few times to finally MASTER A DISH – you will slowly start to enjoy cooking and baking, what will save you plenty of money. For example, lets go light and say you buy a £4 kebab. Now for that price you can make about 4 of those at home ! Think of some more expensive dishes now. Feeling like you saved some money already ?

person holding sliced vegetable
Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on

#2 Turn the lights off and don’t take 2 hour long showers

Electricity and water are probably two most expensive thinks to pay for. Doing those two simple steps you will always be saving energy = saving money, and here I am talking about much more money than in the 1st point. You might even save around £20 pounds. Sounds nice huh ?

#3 Use video chats or online calling instead of regular calls

Using skype, messenger chat, whatsapp and other apps will save you a lot of money on your phone bills ! Moreover video calls give you another level communication especially when being an international student away from your family. Once I have started using those I never came back to regular calls. I can see my mum, I can see her facial expressions, body language and it feels almost as if she was right next to me which is really helpful often times.

vintage retro telephone telephones
Photo by Markus Spiske on

#4 Quit all the subscriptions that are not necessary.

I mean okay, netflix is something most of us use, since we no longer watch TV too much. But for example, if you are not a fitness instructor or a professional that needs it – quit spotify premium; Amazon prime ? Not necessary. And so on… That way you will save pound by pound 🙂

#5 No compulsive shopping !

I am a woman myself, so I know how tempting new releases, new collections are. But just think and ask yourself “do I need it ?”. Make a list of the things you would like to buy if you had some extra money but always prioritise and think what’s actually needed or practical ! Finally you will realise you shop more reasonably and save money.

photo of woman in pink bodysuit posing inside a shopping cart
Photo by Oleg Magni on

#6 Use as little public transport as possible

Some extra steps or bike rides will only do you good ! Extra cardio :P. When in need to get somewhere really far, choose a bus rather than uber and you will save LOADS. Taxis and uber rides are extremely expensive especially during peak hours. Ever since moving here my step count is usually at least 10k. At the beginning I was like “OMG im so tired bla bla..” but now I feel great doing that extra “exercise” and my wallet feels even better.


That were only 6 out of many tips on how to save money as a student. I am willing to write a continued post !! Let me know what you think and what tips work for you ?

Liv x

Legal cannabis? – CBD oil

Recently, my head has been all over herbal, natural medicine and fatigue remedies due to constant changes and issues in my personal life I’ve been experiencing. I have always been perceived as a highly optimistic, happy person who will always find the “bright side” to everything. But with the recent pace of my life I haven’t been able to sit down and think or relax fo a moment what has caused me a lot of fatigue, stress and I even found myself having anxiety moments which is very unlike me. I have tried many mental health aiding “diets”, teas, herbal infusions, incense sticks etc… But just like any “fad” weight loss diet, many of those solutions work only in theory and not practice.

When I went home last week, my mom introduced me to the CBD oil. I have never heard of this before and got very intrigued, so naturally I went into some deeper research.

Cannabidiol, known as CBD has been gaining a lot of traction in the wellness community. The oil has previously been used only as cure for the seriously ill, but with the benefits it comes with and how rapidly we experience them, CBD has caught a lot of interest.

CBD = cannabis?

Cannabidiol is one of the chemical compounds found in cannabis, however to create the oil it is combined with a carrier oil and it is not psychoactive.

person holding green canabis
Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem on

Is it legal ?

With the popularity of cannabis especially among younger generations and its psychoactivity, there has been a lot of confusion surrounding Cannabidiol. It has been proved that the oil has very little or no THC, which is the psychoactive chemical compound, therefore also due to CBD’s health benefits it is legal among most EU countries and sold for medical purposes.

How to take it ?

The amount of which one should or should not be taking is personal. You will usually apply a few drops under your tongue or you can add it to your smoothie etc. Many people start by taking 3 drops a day: one in the morning, one in the afternoon and final one in the evening. Then it is advised to observe changes and if you feel like you are not experiencing the benefits – you can add more drops.


Mental health

There is a great number of benefits CBD comes with. Like I said, I discovered the cure when looking for something to help my mental health. Cannabidiol is known for reducing signs of anxiety and depression.

As explained by Dr Brewer, ‘Cannabidiol interacts with the body’s own endocannabinoid system, enhancing the effects of other brain chemicals to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety, stress, restlessness and fatigue,’ 

Moreover, Back in 2011, a study published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology found that when people with generalised social anxiety disorder (SAD) were given 600mg of CBD oil prior to a public speaking test, as opposed to a placebo, they experienced significantly less anxiety, difficulty and discomfort during their speech. It has additionally been shown to improve symptoms of post-traumatic disorder in children.


Due to the effects of CBD oil on the immune system and its ability to help reduce inflammation, it may offer relief from acne.

‘Both CBD and THC have been shown in multiple in vitro studies to have anti-acne and topical anti-inflammatory properties,’ reveals Dr Gordon.


Some clinical trials have found that CBD can be helpful in some types of epilepsy, however that requires further study.

Pain alleviation

‘CBD has been described as a multi-target molecule,’ expands Dr Brewer. ‘It is highly antioxidant, so has anti-inflammatory effects on joints, to improve pain and stiffness. CBD also has an analgesic effect, to reduce pain perception in the brain.’

Besides being proved to deliver pain relief, it has also been tested and proved to offer benefits to those receiving treatment for cancer and also promote apoptosis of some bad cells.

‘High CBD-content medicinal cannabis products can help reduce nausea, poor appetite, pain and sleep disturbance in cancer patients, as shown in multiple studies,’ says Dr Dani Gordon.

My experience

I know some can say it’s placebo effect, but I do have to say I feel much better and calmer ever since I started taking CBD regularly. I take 3-4 drops a day and am definitely less fatigued or stressed and try to look at the positives at all times rather than focusing on the negatives. It has only been a little over a week for me so I guess I will be able to tell more after a month. The topic is to be continued !

What do you think ? Have you come across the CBD oil before ? Or maybe you have already experienced it benefits ? If you answered yes, which benefit were you most focused on ?


Things I learned living alone for the first time

Whether you are a student living away from your family or you moved elsewhere due to new job or whatever, we all face living alone at some point or having to deal with the home alone duties.

Before moving away from home I thought living on my own would be oh so glorious. No more parental control, eating whatever you wish etc… The reality is far different to that, although it is still good to experience living alone to learn how to deal with problems and a number of different situations in life.

#1 Love yourself

First thing I HAD TO LEARN was loving myself. I have always been optimistic but when I first started living on my own I realised I was not able to spend too much of a time with just myself because I would usually end up overthinking. Living alone helped me figure out who I really was and how important it is to be happy with who you are, be proud of it and take care of yourself.

#2 Improvising in the kitchen

I love cooking. But I did not realise how difficult it is to cook for just one person without wasting the food. Meal prep you say ? What if I told you I’m not actually happy to eat the same thing every day ?

I had to learn how to cook meals for one, 3 times a day, sometimes with almost zero ingredients because someone was too lazy to do shopping..


#3 Dealing with sadness solo is better than crying on someone else

Ever wanted to burst out crying like a baby but knew you couldn’t because there were others in the house and that would be inappropriate ? That’s not a problem anymore. Everyone has those moments and I have to say I appreciate being able to have my cry and scream without anyone watching if I need so.

2019-04-08 21:15:34.957

#4 Bills actually matter

Six months ago I never cared about leaving the lights on, having 2 hour long showers, playing the TV in the background all day and so on… Now, that I have to pay my own bills, I think “Shit, I might as well have a shower at the gym” (LOL). Honestly, living alone really helped me understand and respect money more.


#5 My mom was right when she said she had no time

Laundry, bills, e mails, uni, work, cooking…. and I thought I was well organised. I had to completely change the definition of “well-organised” in my dictionary, because I was clearly wrong. Not having someone to cook, clean and pay for your utilities brings that to a whole new level and to be honest I’m glad I got to understand this at such young age.

And those my friends, were 5 things I learned so far from living on my own. What is your experience ?