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Another Polish girl in the UK !?

Beginning of the blog equals a little explanation on what do I do, why I started the blog and other super interesting facts about me..

Sooo, since my blog will be uni-workout-work-modelling concentrated I feel like I should begin with a story about why am I in the UK.
If you think I’m a crazy little girl with no idea about what she wants to do in the future and that the notion of studying in another country was a random quick decision – you are wrong, sorry.
I wish I was a spontaneus person. I’m not. I suffer from perfectionism and the need to have everything organized.


Oxford was first,

The idea of studying in the UK first came to my mind when I was around 8. Yes, seriously.. How did the thought last so long ? I have no idea. However, from the very beginning I was sure I wanted to study at the well known Oxford University. You think I failed to get accepted ? No, in the end, I didn’t even apply.

Why ?

The application process there is very complicated, expensive and time consuming, I decided I did not want my life to evolve around one thing that will not matter in the end as I believe that who you become only depends on you and not any university confirmation letter.
During all those years no one believed me I would actually move out to study in the UK. So my family was pretty surprised when in November 2017 I announced my application for Coventry University.
Now, you probably have already guessed I got accepted since I’m sitting here writing the post. Today is the lucky day I had everything sorted –banking, mobile, I even got a job yay. Here on this blog I want to prove to you that there is no such thing as little time, but the opposite – too much time and  no ability to organize it properly. I dance, I model, I workout, I go to uni and study while still finding time for other things. Additionally I want to share a little bit of my life and update people on it.

End of the interesting story…


… to be continued