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My diet as a model

It’s no news that people always wonder what models eat, whether they eat at all or not etc. So today I’m gonna be one of those “common white girls” and explain my diet, as well as show you examples of my favourite foods I consume on a daily basis.

Before I start, let me make one thing clear. I truly believe that how we look and how much we weigh partially depends on our genes. I myself, put great effort in eating real, nourishing foods but I don’t always say no to my cravings. However, in my opinion we shouldn’t label foods as fattening, good or bad, or do “cheat days”- moderation is key, and indulging ourselves is something we shouldn’t feel bad about.

But what about my diet ?

I do not follow one. On a daily basis I make certain to eat mostly plant based and nourish my body well. I still eat meat, eggs and fish and consider them all very healthy, important sources of protein and fat. The only thing I exclude from my diet is diary as it makes me feel sick and causes me digestion and skin issues. To my view, when we eat healthy there is very little possibility of getting obese, therefore I do not believe in “calorie or macro count”. I consume as little or as much as I feel in a day.

Another thing is about cravings, and since I’m just human I do crave chocolate or other less healthy stuff, and I never restrict myself when it comes to cravings. I know that moderation is key. However, bear in mind that I do excerise a lot and I’ve always been an active person.

Foods I eat every day

http_fitfoodiefinds.comwp-contentuploads201501superfood-oatmeal-bowl-maple2OATMEAL. I’m probably the biggest oatmeal freak that was ever born. I always start the day of with a good bowl of my “superfood porridge” consisting of many nourishing spices and toppings such as cinnamon, turmeric, bananas or apples, peanut butter, flax seeds and barley grass. The last one may sound gross, but I promise it’s impossible to taste it. I usually add a little bit of non-diary protein powder.

NUT BUTTER. Most of my fat intake probably comes from nut butters. Whether in porridge, as a snack with some fruit or just by a spoon – I probably have some at least twice a day. Nuts provide various health benefits. They contain a number of vitamins and minerals, are a source of good fats and protein. GO NUTS !



CARROTS. Many find that crazy, but I’m the biggest carrot fan, I snack on them all the time and I never get bored. Carrots contain well rounded influx of vitamins and minerals, are a source of beta carotene, therefore eating carrots helps improve vision, reduces skin problems, boosts immune system and improves digestion.


APPLES. Boredom means snack time and snack time means either carrots or apples, and trust me – I can go through a bag of apples in only a few more hours. They are considered as one of the healthiest foods a person can eat. High in fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants, apples may mitigate the effects of alzheimer’s and asthma, they manage weight and bone health as well as pulmonary function.


VEGGIES AND GREENS. What veggies I eat differs every day, but I make sure to eat a side salad with my lunch and dinner.

Coffee or tea time ?

I admit, I’m a highly caffeinated person drinking two to three cups a day, but I have a pretty high caffeine tolerance. It is additionally proven that drinking 2 – 3 cups of coffee a day improves physical performance, can help burn fat and lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. Besides coffee, I drink A LOT of green tea in a day and I’ve been doing this for over 4 years now. It’s no news how beneficial green tea is. It improves brain function, increases fat burning and physical performance, kills bacteria and may lower the risk of various types of cancer.



I really hoped you enjoyed that post! Let me know what are your staple foods you eat everyday ?


Images used in this post are not my own