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What I eat in a day as a model and student

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Today I come to you with my first “What I eat in a day”, let me know if this post is any good, helpful and whether you want me to write more of those in the future !

As students, we all have that “I’m too lazy to cook”, “I want something but idk what that is” days. I mean… happens everyday right ? Most of us, myself included try to save money so we can go out more often right ? However, my fit and healthy me is all about plant-based, nourishing meals.

I get the majority of my ingredients off a local market, as it’s the cheapest place to shop here. Did someone said 4 avocados for £1 ? As I said, I choose to eat plant-based. The process of transforming to this way of eating is not easy especially when one is used to eating a lot of animal products, but trust me, it’s well worth it. To add, I avoid processed foods as much as possible, but I do treat myself to caramel rice cakes (BEST THING EVER), dark chocolate (jk, eat that every day) or some vegan ice cream – in the end it’s all about balance. The less restriction – the less binging or cravings.

Most of the time, I do not track my calories, because I find it destructive to my mental health in the long term. I would only track it from time to time just for my information of how much I’m eating. To be honest, I do not trust calorie eating platforms and apps, to me, it is 100% personal and I found I eat more than some apps would say and I still weigh the same. If you need to count your calories, get your plan from someone who is certified and know what is the best way for you to count the calories based on your NEAT and additional activities.

My diet is all about carbs haha – and I’m 100% not overweight plus my fat % is probably very low. What do I say – first of all, I have a sweet tooth… second of all, my genetics just does not process the calories from chocolate and other carby stuff. Oh and, I am a sports’ beast, so that probably adds to it.

Though I do eat a lot of carbs, recently I have been introducing more and more of healthy fats to my diet, because my stomach is very sensitive and I easily get bloated. I found that nuts and avo really aids my digestion.

Sooo, here is what I ate today (those are only meals from one day and there’s times when I eat more or less…)


I LOVE BREKKIE. I could not leave my house or do any work without breakfast, and as you probably know PORRIDGE is my favourite

Before I eat however, I always have my “miracle water”. No miracle really… just helps my digestion. That has apple cider vinegar, honey, lemon juice, turmeric, cinnamon and ginger. Tastes actually delicious, thanks to the honey I can barely taste the vinegar.


Today, I had it with one whole mango, coconut yoghurt and almonds – honestly the best combination ever. You get the carbs, the fats and protein. Depending on my activity I would also add a scoop of soy protein. I also like to add superfoods such as ground flax seeds, barely grass, turmeric and cinnamon.



For lunch I have been loving “Throw together what is left in the fridge bowls”. Literally. You can call them buddha bowls, Mediterranean bowls or just Oliwia’s mess. Filling, delicious and nourishing !

Today I had buckwheat and lentils mixed with indian spices, half of an avocado, hummus, beetroot and cucumber.



I find it hard to have dinner everyday, because I am a big snacker post lunch time… But I try to save some space for something bigger, so today I enjoyed a bowl of gluten free pesto pasta. I added some tomato puree (better than ketchup trust me) and broccoli for GREEEENZ



I have no pretty pictures of my snacks, but I did have a trek bar and a random energy ball I found at Tiger.

And that’s it ! I usually consume around 2000-2500 kcals a day I think… Not sure but just there are days when I’m beyond hungry and days when I can barely eat. I do not stress about it, we’re just humans and food or body image should not take over our lives as long as we are healthy 😉


What about supplements ?

Embedding various supplements in our diet has become trendy from what I have seen lately. The are available for everyone without prescription and we take them to ensure or aid health. However not everyone needs the same supplements and before you take your hands on any of them you should ask yourself “Do I need it or not?” “What is my diet lacking?”.

Obviously, leading a healthy lifestyle and diet should provide all the nutrients you need, but sometimes, due to a variety of reasons, such as exercise, genetics, health issues one may need more or less of a certain product than the other.

But I am not writing here to tell you what should or should you not supplement, as this is for you and your dietician or doctor to judge.

Today, I wanted to talk about my diet and show how to minimise the need for any supplements.

#1 Incorporate superfoods

In order to get those omega 3s, vitamins and other vital nutrients on point I make sure to incorporate as many superfoods in my main meals as possible.



For example, I always add flax seeds, turmeric, barley grass and nuts to my morning porridge. That way you provide your body with healthy fats, amino acids and other nutrients that aid digestion, brain and overall performance.

#2 Protein ?

I, myself do supplement protein but only on the days I work out. I do not eat meat or any diary products, hence why it’s just more difficult for me to reach my protein goals. But I do advice everyone to try reaching them only by eating real foods and not powdered protein if you can. The one I am using is Pulsin Soy Protein.


#3Limit coffee intake

Many of us end up supplementing magnesium on a daily, and then drinking 3 cups of coffee.. Funny huh ?

Try drinking decaf coffee or at least limit your caffeine intake and you will see amazing results !

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I am a coffee fan myself, cannot help it, so I make sure I have decaf coffee in my kitchen and to get myself going I just drink green tea.

Moreover – do not fear dark chocolate !! Real dark chocolate is a great and natural source of magnesium, keep that in mind !


Certainly – being vegan or basically cutting any nutrients from your diet will most likely contribute to you having to take supplements.

If you do not have any allergies, health issues etc, I strongly advice you to eat everything in moderation and with your system functioning correctly – you won’t need anything extra !

For me, because I had to cut diary from my diet, I do supplement vitamins B12 and D, like every vegan should !!!


I ate porridge everyday for a year


Growing up as a dancer and gymnast, I have always been very active and therefore – pretty skinny. However, believe it or not, if a few years ago someone told me to go vegan or eat healthy I would laugh out VERY loud. Old me loved McDonald’s, donuts and chocolate.

It all started a month before a dance competition I ended up not taking part in, because I injured both my knees. I never came back to dancing, because my doctors said, if I did, there would have been a possibility of me becoming disabled by the time I’m 25.

I could not just do nothing..

My mom knew my city’s best personal trainer at that time and asked her if she could help me find something that would remind me of my passion but at the same time would not hurt my knees, and also help them recover. That is how I started gymmin at the age of only 15 ! And that was he best choice ever.


Together with my fitness journey I started getting more and more into health, how foods affect us and our performance, what to eat when etc. And I started playing with different recipes. At that moment my brother went gluten free and my whole family was all about health and fitness so that was very supporting.

That is how my love for porridge started.

Sounds hilarious and boring, I know. How can you eat the same thing everyday for 3 years ?!

Well, porridge can be adapted to your lifestyle. Whether you are an athlete, trying to gain or loose weight, or just maintain healthy lifestyle – you can play with the toppings and the quantity, add extra protein powder when needed etc.

How has this changed my life ?

#1 I wake up excited for breakfast and never skip it

I know, I know. Intermittent fasting is very trendy at present, but really, breakfast is the most important meal and not skipping brekkie has A TON of benefits: you will feel energised during the day, will snack less, and your body will just perform better !

As said, you can make it sweet or savoury, just adjust it to your preferences and lifestyle, make it yummy and it is just the best thing ever ! My favourite combination is porridge oats mixed with protein powder and raw cacao powder, topped with banana and a table spoon of peanut butter. You get the protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats – BALANCE !


#2 My waistline got smaller

Like I said, I have always been skinny but I did measure my waistline just recently and noticed that it dropped by 4 cm ! Of course, I is also due to excerise, but if I was eating all the fast food and extra calories, small waistline definitely would not be a thing.

#3 My skin is glowing and I never break out

Ever since I changed my diet, I don’t remember the last time of having a pimple or any serious skin problems. I do not need any special treatment and I just use organic facial creams, that is all !

#4 Low GI brekkie

Many people ignore the wisdom, and like mentioned in #1 skip breakfast, what leads them to over consumption, carb loaded meals etc..

Getting into a habit of starting your day with porridge is a great act and we should all be conscious of what we put into our bodies and what impact it has.

I know many people love to indulge themselves for dinner, also usually followed by a sugary desert. Unfortunately, this is not the best way to be. It is much healthier to have a big meal for breakfast, lighter but still filling meal at lunchtime and a much lighter dinner. That will help you keep lean and healthy, and you will notice changes in your mood as well. You will feel healthier, lighter and happier !


Any other porridge lovers here ? What is your favourite combination ? Or if not a porridge lover – what do you like to eat for breakfast ? 

I hope there is no porridge haters (lol)..

Let me know down below !!

How to change your eating habits

Are you a fan of chocolate, sweet or savoury snacks, fast food and fizzy drinks wondering how the hell do you break those habits and start enjoying healthy foods ?

Does salad sound too green and disgusting to you ?

Well, you have come to the right place, because believe it or not I have been there and managed to completely change those habits. Now I 100% love homemade foods, healthy snacks, fruit and vegetables. This post is here to give you 3 simple steps to follow if you want to get on that healthy track.

That will not be an easy journey, we have all lost with the beloved chocolate not once or twice but A LOT OF TIMES. Changing your habits slowly with incorporated treats will change your taste buds completely and I promise you will enjoy nourishing, healthy foods.

#1 Never restrict

Sounds simple, but many people trying to loose weight or simply exclude unhealthy treats from their diet end up eating dangerously small amounts of calories while also exercising, that will always lead you to binging on those foods because what our body craves the most when starving ? Sugar. Whatever your goal is, remember you should never restrict your calories drastically, not only will you end up binging but that will also come with mental health issues. Simply swap any unhealthy cravings with your favourite fruit or homemade, oven baked chips

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#2 Remove all those snacks from your home

Really ! I know, sounds sad, but try, do it ! Instead get yourself healthy, dark chocolate, popcorn, healthy protein balls, and when craving crisps – why not make them yourself ? Just instead of  frying them, bake them in the oven, you would be surprised how nice and crispy they turn out.

#3 Small steps

That is very important for your taste buds to get used to different foods and to start liking them. Don’t eliminate all those bad habits at once and implement drastic changes, start by eating more greens with your lunch and dinner, play with breakfast oatmeal and slowly exclude any refined foods from your diet.


To conclude,I really felt like sharing those 3 tips with you, I remember how difficult it was when I first started with my fitness and health journey and hope that could help.

Wishing everybody a good day !!!


Are carbs bad for you ?

I am not a professional nutritionist and this post’s content is my own opinion, however I have studied many books, courses and articles as well as tried various approaches to diet myself, that I am sure I have enough knowledge to write about this topic.

Why would I write about it ?

I am so over seeing *carbs are bad for you* *carbs make you fat* *low carb, high fat* statements. Everything, EVERYTHING even a cucumber is bad for you and can make you fat if you consume too much of it and you eat more than you should. In my opinion, the ongoing trend to restrict carbs comes from the statement that “excess sugar equals excess fat” and that may be true but first of all – carbs are not equal and not every sugar is bad for you. Many people take refined sugars and sugars found in fruit, veg and grains as the same thing, and that is one big of a mistake.

Let’s get to it !


#1 Fibre

Carbohydrates are an essential and body preferred nutrient as they provide a readily source of energy and can be easily accessed when needed. Moreover, they are the only available fuel source for our brain. They are required in large amounts by our body as they are used as fuel in every activity we perform, with each gram providing 4kcals. On a daily basis, they should make up around 50% of our calorie intake, most of them being complex carbs as they contain health supporting substances such as fibre – crucial to sustain good digestion. Fibre plays an important role in bowel movements, supporting our digestion and preventing constipation. Moreover, it keeps you full and in result you are less likely to overeat.


#2 Blood sugar levels

Not all carbs have the same effect on our blood sugar levels, as that nutrient is classified by their glycemic index and studies show that low GI foods help to stabilise blood sugar by keeping us full for longer.


#3 Carbs boost mood

Carbohydrates promote production of serotonin, which is a chemical responsible for our mental well being. Therefore, people following a low carb diet may experience more depression, anxiety or stress.


#4 They are good for your heart

It is the soluble fibre intake, responsible also for keeping us full for longer that can drop the levels of bad LDL cholesterol, that contributes to many heart diseases. It has also been studied that people who consume more grains, such as brown rice, quinoa tend to have lower bad cholesterol and higher good cholesterol levels.

Conclusion ?

You should never say no to a fruit, veg or grain as long as it remains a whole food. Following a diet that makes you satisfied, happy means it should be balanced and should consist of all the vital nutrients, therefore you should not cut your carbohydrate intake, but understand the difference between the real, whole foods containing sugars and carbs and processed foods, that contain refined sugars, certainly not good for you.