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80/20 eating pattern

We live in a world full of diets and different eating pattern trends. Whether on instagram pages, facebook or other social media, you can find new “diet facts”, “diet plan example”, “eat this not that” everyday. All that contributes to one’s bad mindset and that happens slowly, without realising until it might be too late, hence why we hear a lot about different eating disorders since a lot of them come from an over obsessive calorie restriction or orthorectic mindset.

Think about when you were a kid… Would your child self think about what is good or bad for you ? Of course not, that kid would rather eat an entire cake. And most of us as kids were nowhere near being obese, since we used to play a lot with other kids or do sports. Nowadays we are being told that it’s not all about calories when it comes to being fat… which is completely not true. If i only ate one meal a day and that meal would be a snicker bar, would I be obese ? No, I’d be skinny and probably about to starve to death.

Obviously, a lot of people, including myself suggest eating as much of health and superfoods as possible and reduce the amount of processed foods to minimum, but health and weight do not necessarily mean the same. Wanna be healthy ? Eat healthy. Wanna lose weight ? Eat less (but of course 100% junk food is not the greatest idea for anyone).

What is 80/20 ?

There comes the 80/20 “diet” which in truth is not actually a diet but a way a normal person that knows what is wrong and what is right eats. Basically, 80% of your diet includes healthy, unprocessed foods and the rest 20% consists of some less healthy products or meals when going out with friends. That approach to dieting helps staying sane and understanding that we do not have to restrict ourselves and it’s normal and humanly to sometimes let go and feed your soul some chocolate ;). 80/20 explains that eating neither 100% healthy nor 100% junk food is good for you. The first one will only lead you to having unhealthy urges or binge eating and the second one will leave you looking and feeling unhealthy, tired and unhappy. And all in live is about balance.

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Who is it for ?

Definitely everyone !!

Do you wanna loose weight but are afraid you might regain it right after you stop dieting ? That often happens when people eat too healthy and are too restrictive when cutting, it results in craving literally everything in sight once they have reached their goal. They start eating everything, all the crisps and chocolates ending up at the starting point again. When cutting, following 80/20 ensures sanity, you are allowed to eat whatever you crave as long as you do not overeat and include the 80% of healthier foods.

Are you just trying to keep up with your weight but have a lot of energy to fuel your workouts, everyday life etc ? Great, because 80/20 is like said before, what most people follow. You can for example oft for a great healthy breakfast and a bit of a naughty snack like a reeses bar and nothing bad will happen. You won’t gain any fat because you ate an unhealthy bar rather than raw vegan energy ball…

Bulking ? You will probably love this diet. When bulking, especially if there are big calorie numbers included eating 100% healthy and high fiber could actually do you wrong because you would feel too full and bloated at all times. Sneaking some chocolate or a burger here and there will help you bulk + ensure good approach to your diet.

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Planning or intuition ?

It all depends on where you are coming to this diet from. Eating disorder ? Trying to gain or loose weight ? Probably planning is a better option for you so that way you can also learn to understand nutrition and how to introduce balanced approach to dieting.

You only goal is to be happy and healthy, but you are happy and confident with your body ? Sounds like a good mental state huh ? You should only pay attention to what you eat and ensure most of it is non processed. Don’t put yourself into thinking “oh today I can eat this and that but tomorrow I won’t allow myself” “I have used up that 20% of unhealthier foods for this week, now only salad”. That will lead you nowhere.

This diet in the end is about learning and understanding the meaning of balance when it comes to nutrition especially when one want’s to stop focusing on calories and all that comes with it but just go back to “normal eating”.

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So… all in all, this leads us to intuitive eating ! Guys just know that looks and food is not what life is about. It’s about enjoying yourself and being healthy. We have all become over obsessed with dieting and “what is good or bad” that people had to come up with things such as 80/20 or “intuitive eating” that are in fact what people used to follow before fitness, health and dieting went trendy.

That is just my honest opinion and I wish everyone to be happy and listen to your bodies ❤

x Liv

Why climbing is a great exercise

If you have been here for a while you know I’m a hyperactive, sport-loving blonde. But I have been avoiding rock climbing since I had once fallen of the wall when I was about 10. However, knowing how great of an exercise climbing is I finally convinced myself to have a go again and went to a local rock climbing venue with my friend. We spend there solid 3 hours trying to tackle the harder paths with every minute and trust me at the end I was no longer worried or scared, just had the best fun !! After I had gotten back home I realised how tired and sore I was and that’s why I thought climbing would be a great topic for my blog.

-> Let’s start with the fact that climbing is extremely fun especially when you are training with your friends, you will realise you spent a few hours doing the activity without even thinking of being tired. Where there’s fun – times goes fast and without unnecessary thoughts.  Moreover, you won’t be willing to go home unless you make it to the end of every path, THAT’S WHAT CLIMBING DOES TO YOUR MIND !

-> Secondly, burns PLENTY of calories. Are you trying to loose weight ? Tone up ? Gain muscles ? Yes, works for all of the above. It is definitely a full body workout combining strength and cardio. Guess how many kcal I burned during my almost 3 hour session ? over 900 !!! Can you imagine ? And I only weigh 50kg…. To be fair I must admit, post climbing rest of the day was all about food as I was exhausted and HAAANGRY

-> Climbing also makes you flexible. It often demands from a climber to reach out for a hand hold far away what stretches out your muscles and improves overall body flexibility. Fun way of stretching huh ?

-> Reduces stress !! I know I know… in truth any physical activity reduces stress, but I find climbing so mind cleansing and fun, especially when with company, I promise it will help you let go of any bad thoughts and stress.

Those were only a few of many many more reasons for why you should try climbing.


You might get addicted..

X liv

Why some are naturally lean ?

The “genes”…

Take a walk around the town and pay close detail to the people you see. You will see some great looking lean people perhaps downing their morning bagel, then you might notice someone very self-conscious and overweight. One thing is definitely true – our society is getting fatter and fatter due to the abundance of food and the variety of crazy meals we create and consume. So how do some stay lean ?

There are plenty of reasons. Obviously some just live the “diet lifestyle” and over obsess about the food or starve themselves. But others, luckily – including me 😛 happen to eat and wolf down everything in sight and we don’t really gain weight or if we do it’s probably only water retention after a night of “eat it all”.

Today, I am focusing on Cambridge University scientists’ find. They suggest that it is rooted in our DNA. Clinically obese people are often told to “stop being lazy and start moving more” however Professor Stephen O’Rahilly, Co-director of the Institute of Metabolic Research suggests that obesity, metabolic rate are about our genetics.

“We know for sure that a propensity for obesity – or its opposite, a propensity for leanness – is rooted in the genes. Some 70 per cent of the variation between people in terms of their amount of body fat is explained by inherited differences that are built into our genetic make-up and passed from generation to generation,” he said.

However, their work showed that those genes control mostly how satisfied we are after eating, how often do we get hungry, at what time etc.

We know two theories about “getting fat”. The first one “thrifty gene” developed by James Neel explains the obesity lying behind diabetes. The thrifty genotype would have been advantageous for early humans allowing them to store fat in times of abundance and survive in times of food scarcity. In modern societies with an abundance of food, this genotype prepares individuals for a famine that never comes. The result is obesity and diabetes. Speakman came up with another theory “drifty gene” and argues that the modern distribution of obesity stems from a genetic drift in the genes encoding the system that regulates metabolism and controlling an upper limit on our body fatness. Such a drift may have started because around 2 million years ago when ancestral humans ceased to be prey, which was probably a key factor maintaining the upper boundary of the regulation system.

Different scientists have different opinions and the case of obesity being rooted in our genes, which genes and why/ how has been a hot topic especially now that we notice a rise in obese people in our society.

In my opinion, yes genetics plays a great role in that case, but knowing you are prone to gain weight, why not pay closer attention to what you eat ? You cannot blame your weight on genes but on you in the end. We are humans, we are powerful and capable of change, that is where some might be called lazy. Each and every one of us has been “unlucky” with something different in life or genes and if we want to change it, we have to work on it. Moreover, exercise is just a mood booster and even if not physically, mentally you will be healthier every day. So get up and dance ! Move !



Tips on saving money as a student

Since you’re reading this, it either means you are broke or you’d rather see some more pounds on your bank account am I right ? We have all been there searching for “money saving tools” that were not really working anyways… Writing down monthly spendings to see what we can cut down on… Probably made you even more triggered to spend on what you don’t need 😉

I am one of those “spend as you go” people, so I constantly think of new ways to help me save some extra coins. Being a student, paying my own bills and utilities, going out and having to manage my own banking I have found some tips and tricks that ACTUALLY WORK when it comes to saving money. Trust me, if I say I’m saving money – everyone can.

#1 Cook for yourself

I know I know, millions of you don’t like cooking or think they cannot do it well. Believe it or not, once you come up with foods that you enjoy, you try to make them a few times to finally MASTER A DISH – you will slowly start to enjoy cooking and baking, what will save you plenty of money. For example, lets go light and say you buy a £4 kebab. Now for that price you can make about 4 of those at home ! Think of some more expensive dishes now. Feeling like you saved some money already ?

person holding sliced vegetable
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#2 Turn the lights off and don’t take 2 hour long showers

Electricity and water are probably two most expensive thinks to pay for. Doing those two simple steps you will always be saving energy = saving money, and here I am talking about much more money than in the 1st point. You might even save around £20 pounds. Sounds nice huh ?

#3 Use video chats or online calling instead of regular calls

Using skype, messenger chat, whatsapp and other apps will save you a lot of money on your phone bills ! Moreover video calls give you another level communication especially when being an international student away from your family. Once I have started using those I never came back to regular calls. I can see my mum, I can see her facial expressions, body language and it feels almost as if she was right next to me which is really helpful often times.

vintage retro telephone telephones
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#4 Quit all the subscriptions that are not necessary.

I mean okay, netflix is something most of us use, since we no longer watch TV too much. But for example, if you are not a fitness instructor or a professional that needs it – quit spotify premium; Amazon prime ? Not necessary. And so on… That way you will save pound by pound 🙂

#5 No compulsive shopping !

I am a woman myself, so I know how tempting new releases, new collections are. But just think and ask yourself “do I need it ?”. Make a list of the things you would like to buy if you had some extra money but always prioritise and think what’s actually needed or practical ! Finally you will realise you shop more reasonably and save money.

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#6 Use as little public transport as possible

Some extra steps or bike rides will only do you good ! Extra cardio :P. When in need to get somewhere really far, choose a bus rather than uber and you will save LOADS. Taxis and uber rides are extremely expensive especially during peak hours. Ever since moving here my step count is usually at least 10k. At the beginning I was like “OMG im so tired bla bla..” but now I feel great doing that extra “exercise” and my wallet feels even better.


That were only 6 out of many tips on how to save money as a student. I am willing to write a continued post !! Let me know what you think and what tips work for you ?

Liv x

Downsides of being a model

Modelling industry appears to be all glamorous, sent from the heaven profession, with models wearing the latest, most expensive designer brands, get sponsored by beauty brands, have time to follow a “glam” “health” routine and so on. In honesty, only the most recognisable models, who have reached the elite level experience the above. The industry, in reality turns out to be cruel, demanding, depressing and exhausting. Most models end up working locally, long hours and for not so high pay.

Since I have experienced that myself, I thought it would be good to share the reality and the disadvantages of being a model.

#1 Stressful work environment

For both the client and the photographer a model often times turns out to be just an object, clothes hanger. Not many will care about your feelings. It might be cold or too hot, you might be hungry, tired, wanting to take a break. If other staffs are not satisfied “yet” they will push you to a point when you won’t even know your name and will only feel like sleeping for the next 10 days. Moreover, some photographers may want to use you, your body. The may even ask you to spend a night or a few with and sometimes threaten to refuse to pay if you disagree.

#2 Crazy long hours

Let’s start with that a model can be called in for a photoshoot any time, any day, whether she is ready or not. That said, ANY magazine, ANY ad and basically any photoshoot you can imagine hides HOURS of work and I do not mean 8, 10 hours but 18 or 20. A model will first spend a long time getting her skin damaged by excessive make up, hair damaged by excessive heat, touch ups and then crazy long hours in front of flashing lights making the job even more exhausting.


#3 Body image, comparison

Models are being under constant pressure of their agents telling them whether they are good enough or not. They are being compared to other models on a daily; put on all kinds of diets, athlete-like workout plans. That all often leads to disorders such as body dysmorphia, eating disorders etc. No one should feel like they are not good enough and a model should be appreciated and loved for her/ his uniqueness and not be aiming to look like someone else.


#4 Variable pay

It is funny to me how the pay differs depending on how “elite” you are in the business. The more recognisable the more you will get along with sponsorships and free trips. If you are pretty new, or just didn’t have enough luck to get to the elite level, even when you’re absolutely stunning you will have to work for the locals and expect to be paid bare minimum.

That said, I hope I have cleared out some common misleading opinions about the modelling industry. It’s not as glorious as most people think and it definitely requires confidence and strong mentality to survive and not go crazy.

Liv x