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WHAT I EAT| Fitness instructor edition

Hello every1 !

Today I am coming at you with another food dairy and meal ideas. As a fitness instructor I have days when I am very active, for example giving a spin class and working out later in the day, so I need lots of energy to get going. I consume anywhere between 2000-2500 kcals a day, but when I feel like eating more it is a sign for me that my body has been even more active so I provide it with what it needs. On this particular day you are about to see I had around 2.3k calories with 107g of protein, 76g of fat and 250g of carbs. I tend to focus more on protein and fat as I found that is how my body feels best, I dont get bloated and I recover more quickly especially for the amount of exercise I am doing.


Lately I have been doing a little bit of an intermittent fasting just because I feel much better and lighter on my stomach. I definitely do now wanna loose any weight. I had a small protein shake right after my morning workout which was around 11:30 am



Onto the real breakfast. That morning I made possibly the best porridge ever, possibly gonna give you chills. Never used creamed coconut for my oats before, but the creaminess it gave them OMG. So I cooked my porridge with some of that and some white chocolate flavour drops. Then I topped it with some vanilla protein, blueberries, peanut butter and hemp seeds. I swear I’ve never tasted anything like this. YOU NEED TO TRY


macros: 30P/27F/52C


I really had a good cooking day that day and came out with an amazing tuna salad. I am not going into detail with those meals today as I am planning on doing a small e book yayyy.


macros: 38P/18F/49C


You will soon know I was snacking a lot that day so for dinner I was craving something smaller. I was craving breakfast for dinner I guess, as I made a bagel sandwich. Not any sandwich, THE ULTIMATE ONE. It had houmous, sun dried tomatoes, spices, mustard, spinach and some onion. So simple yet so delishhh


macros: 15P/17F/43C


For snacks, I was craving fruit like crazy – had an entire watermelon and then also 3x Nairn gluten free chunky biscuit


macros: 8P/13F/98C


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