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ONLINE COACH|My journey and offer

Ola beautiful people !

This crazy day I am beyond happy to finally be able to tell you I am officially a personal trainer and vibe cycle instructor, WICKED ! Also, on my way to completing my circuits, bootcamp & advanced testing techniques courses.

My journey

Let me just say that I have dreamt about this moment ever since I first entered the gym floor. I was 15, lost former ballet dancer looking for an althernative to my life. At the beginning I was introduced to group exercise to music, TRX and others. I fell in love and wanted to work out ALWAYS and at this moment I had already known I would have become one of the instructors at some point in my life. Coming to the UK I almost came to terms with the fact that was no longer a case as the courses are expensive. Little did I know I could get them funded… So I did !

I signed with my lifetime platform and started my online learning as soon as I got access to it. They give you 12 months to complete the course, I did my theory in just two while still going to university and working part time. Don’t tell me you’re busy, you never are. It is just a matter of passion, organisation and confidence. Had my first practical – level 2 in April, then was time for Vibe Cycle (absolutely addicted) and then (yas finally) level 3 Personal Training. I had been involved in all of the above for over 4 years so that was only a matter of certification and gaining extra knowledge. I loved the courses tho ❤

Something for you !

So guys !! Here I come to offer you online coaching, nutrition and mental 😛 advice. I offer an absolute motivational kick and promise to shout if you ever get demotivated haha. I can promise good pricing as I know how expensive online coaching can get sometimes and my aim is to be able to make anyone happy about themselves inside and outside ❤

You know where to find me lovelies, my prices will be anything from £30-£50 per month with full support on a daily basis, we will be doing weekly checks and having chats about your feelings and progress.

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