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ANABOLIC STEROIDS| Why it is not a good idea.

You want the good looking big muscles, you want them fast and though you know it is a bad idea you also realise it is the short cut to use them steroids… Many athletes and other desperates have been won by steroids. They are probably suffering from their side effects or are not realising what is yet to happen.

What are anabolic steroids ?

Often confused with corticosteroids that are used to dampen overactive immune responses and reduce swelling. Anabolic steroids are synthetic versions of testosteron which is naturally produced by both men and women and throwing it out of balance like any other hormone, is just the worst idea.


Doctors are not allowed to prescribe steroids in order to enhance one’s performance. So yes, they are illegal unless prescribed due to a medical condition.

Side effects

Those steroids are powerful and their effect depends on an individual but varies according to sex and age.

What may happen to men ?

  • breasts development
  • painfull erections
  • decreased sperm count -> infertility
  • impotency

Does any of this sound like nice to you ? Don’t think so.

What may happen to women ?

  • excessive body hair
  • deeper voices
  • problems with menstrual cycle
  • reduced breasts size

Sounds like all the nightmares a woman can imagine..

What can happen regardless of sex ?

  • skin problems, acne
  • skin yellowing
  • become bald
  • heart attacks due to heart muscle hyperthropia
  • mood swings
  • high “bad” cholesterol levels

Thank you for reading 🙂 I am no dietician, however I have been in the sport/fitness and health community ever since being really small. I have come across people experimenting with different supplements and also steroids what made me really worried. I realise this is a controversial topic so please do share with me your comments about that or maybe you want me to elaborate more on something ?

Let me know !

Liv x

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