Carob powder benefits


I have been crazy about superfoods and supplements lately, what is good, what is bad, what are the adventages and disadventages blaa bla.. Welcome to Oliwia’s mind 🙂 I have known and been using carob powder and mollasses for ages now, but the only thing I knew was “well it’s good for you”. I never wondered what were the exact benefits of this magical powder for us humans and so I thought it was a high time I did some more in depth research.

What is carob ?

It is, like peas actually considered legumes (I know right?!) and it has been called as St. Johns bread. It comes in a pod and grows in a cylindrical shape supported by a thick truck. It is native to the Meditarrianean and Northern America regions. Many cultures use carob as nuts and seeds, as well as a healthier substitute for chocolate (wow that is one thing I knew!).

Benefits ?

-> Nutrition

It has great health benefits as it is rich in vitamins such as K, E, ryboflavin. Carob has moreover high mineral content of calcium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus and is rich in antioxidants.

-> Anti-cancer

The polyphenolic content of carob makes it an ideal antioxidant, and carob germ flour, another byproduct of this useful plant, has been directly associated with cytotoxic activity in the body. That means it is toxic to some cells and luckily it has showed toxicity towards cancer cells especially when speaking about pancreas and brests.

-> Helps with diabetes

When compared to regular chocolate, carob has more sugar and helps regulate blood sugar what makes it a better choice for those suffering from diabetes.

-> Gut health, digestion

Carob is rich in dietary fiber what bulks up bowel movements and stimulates regularity . That way it contributes to a better digestion and less gut problems/ conditions. Moreover, since its fiber is insoluble, it can absorb liquids preventing diarrhea.

-> Weight loss

It is no news that food rich in fiber help us stay full and satied for longer and since we have just learned that carob has a high content of fiber – that way it helps those who are struggling with weight management.

-> Better cardiovascular health

Studies have shown that the magic powder helps lower the bad – LDL cholesterol levels as well as reduces the number of tryglicerides in the system. That way it reduces the risk of cardiovascular conditions such as heart attack, strokes or high blood pressure.

That is long story short of my research about this superfood. Hope I made you all willing to start incorporating it in your diets 😛

Take care !

Liv x

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