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80/20 eating pattern

We live in a world full of diets and different eating pattern trends. Whether on instagram pages, facebook or other social media, you can find new “diet facts”, “diet plan example”, “eat this not that” everyday. All that contributes to one’s bad mindset and that happens slowly, without realising until it might be too late, hence why we hear a lot about different eating disorders since a lot of them come from an over obsessive calorie restriction or orthorectic mindset.

Think about when you were a kid… Would your child self think about what is good or bad for you ? Of course not, that kid would rather eat an entire cake. And most of us as kids were nowhere near being obese, since we used to play a lot with other kids or do sports. Nowadays we are being told that it’s not all about calories when it comes to being fat… which is completely not true. If i only ate one meal a day and that meal would be a snicker bar, would I be obese ? No, I’d be skinny and probably about to starve to death.

Obviously, a lot of people, including myself suggest eating as much of health and superfoods as possible and reduce the amount of processed foods to minimum, but health and weight do not necessarily mean the same. Wanna be healthy ? Eat healthy. Wanna lose weight ? Eat less (but of course 100% junk food is not the greatest idea for anyone).

What is 80/20 ?

There comes the 80/20 “diet” which in truth is not actually a diet but a way a normal person that knows what is wrong and what is right eats. Basically, 80% of your diet includes healthy, unprocessed foods and the rest 20% consists of some less healthy products or meals when going out with friends. That approach to dieting helps staying sane and understanding that we do not have to restrict ourselves and it’s normal and humanly to sometimes let go and feed your soul some chocolate ;). 80/20 explains that eating neither 100% healthy nor 100% junk food is good for you. The first one will only lead you to having unhealthy urges or binge eating and the second one will leave you looking and feeling unhealthy, tired and unhappy. And all in live is about balance.

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Who is it for ?

Definitely everyone !!

Do you wanna loose weight but are afraid you might regain it right after you stop dieting ? That often happens when people eat too healthy and are too restrictive when cutting, it results in craving literally everything in sight once they have reached their goal. They start eating everything, all the crisps and chocolates ending up at the starting point again. When cutting, following 80/20 ensures sanity, you are allowed to eat whatever you crave as long as you do not overeat and include the 80% of healthier foods.

Are you just trying to keep up with your weight but have a lot of energy to fuel your workouts, everyday life etc ? Great, because 80/20 is like said before, what most people follow. You can for example oft for a great healthy breakfast and a bit of a naughty snack like a reeses bar and nothing bad will happen. You won’t gain any fat because you ate an unhealthy bar rather than raw vegan energy ball…

Bulking ? You will probably love this diet. When bulking, especially if there are big calorie numbers included eating 100% healthy and high fiber could actually do you wrong because you would feel too full and bloated at all times. Sneaking some chocolate or a burger here and there will help you bulk + ensure good approach to your diet.

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Planning or intuition ?

It all depends on where you are coming to this diet from. Eating disorder ? Trying to gain or loose weight ? Probably planning is a better option for you so that way you can also learn to understand nutrition and how to introduce balanced approach to dieting.

You only goal is to be happy and healthy, but you are happy and confident with your body ? Sounds like a good mental state huh ? You should only pay attention to what you eat and ensure most of it is non processed. Don’t put yourself into thinking “oh today I can eat this and that but tomorrow I won’t allow myself” “I have used up that 20% of unhealthier foods for this week, now only salad”. That will lead you nowhere.

This diet in the end is about learning and understanding the meaning of balance when it comes to nutrition especially when one want’s to stop focusing on calories and all that comes with it but just go back to “normal eating”.

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So… all in all, this leads us to intuitive eating ! Guys just know that looks and food is not what life is about. It’s about enjoying yourself and being healthy. We have all become over obsessed with dieting and “what is good or bad” that people had to come up with things such as 80/20 or “intuitive eating” that are in fact what people used to follow before fitness, health and dieting went trendy.

That is just my honest opinion and I wish everyone to be happy and listen to your bodies ❤

x Liv

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