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Why climbing is a great exercise

If you have been here for a while you know I’m a hyperactive, sport-loving blonde. But I have been avoiding rock climbing since I had once fallen of the wall when I was about 10. However, knowing how great of an exercise climbing is I finally convinced myself to have a go again and went to a local rock climbing venue with my friend. We spend there solid 3 hours trying to tackle the harder paths with every minute and trust me at the end I was no longer worried or scared, just had the best fun !! After I had gotten back home I realised how tired and sore I was and that’s why I thought climbing would be a great topic for my blog.

-> Let’s start with the fact that climbing is extremely fun especially when you are training with your friends, you will realise you spent a few hours doing the activity without even thinking of being tired. Where there’s fun – times goes fast and without unnecessary thoughts.  Moreover, you won’t be willing to go home unless you make it to the end of every path, THAT’S WHAT CLIMBING DOES TO YOUR MIND !

-> Secondly, burns PLENTY of calories. Are you trying to loose weight ? Tone up ? Gain muscles ? Yes, works for all of the above. It is definitely a full body workout combining strength and cardio. Guess how many kcal I burned during my almost 3 hour session ? over 900 !!! Can you imagine ? And I only weigh 50kg…. To be fair I must admit, post climbing rest of the day was all about food as I was exhausted and HAAANGRY

-> Climbing also makes you flexible. It often demands from a climber to reach out for a hand hold far away what stretches out your muscles and improves overall body flexibility. Fun way of stretching huh ?

-> Reduces stress !! I know I know… in truth any physical activity reduces stress, but I find climbing so mind cleansing and fun, especially when with company, I promise it will help you let go of any bad thoughts and stress.

Those were only a few of many many more reasons for why you should try climbing.


You might get addicted..

X liv

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