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Tips on saving money as a student

Since you’re reading this, it either means you are broke or you’d rather see some more pounds on your bank account am I right ? We have all been there searching for “money saving tools” that were not really working anyways… Writing down monthly spendings to see what we can cut down on… Probably made you even more triggered to spend on what you don’t need 😉

I am one of those “spend as you go” people, so I constantly think of new ways to help me save some extra coins. Being a student, paying my own bills and utilities, going out and having to manage my own banking I have found some tips and tricks that ACTUALLY WORK when it comes to saving money. Trust me, if I say I’m saving money – everyone can.

#1 Cook for yourself

I know I know, millions of you don’t like cooking or think they cannot do it well. Believe it or not, once you come up with foods that you enjoy, you try to make them a few times to finally MASTER A DISH – you will slowly start to enjoy cooking and baking, what will save you plenty of money. For example, lets go light and say you buy a £4 kebab. Now for that price you can make about 4 of those at home ! Think of some more expensive dishes now. Feeling like you saved some money already ?

person holding sliced vegetable
Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on

#2 Turn the lights off and don’t take 2 hour long showers

Electricity and water are probably two most expensive thinks to pay for. Doing those two simple steps you will always be saving energy = saving money, and here I am talking about much more money than in the 1st point. You might even save around £20 pounds. Sounds nice huh ?

#3 Use video chats or online calling instead of regular calls

Using skype, messenger chat, whatsapp and other apps will save you a lot of money on your phone bills ! Moreover video calls give you another level communication especially when being an international student away from your family. Once I have started using those I never came back to regular calls. I can see my mum, I can see her facial expressions, body language and it feels almost as if she was right next to me which is really helpful often times.

vintage retro telephone telephones
Photo by Markus Spiske on

#4 Quit all the subscriptions that are not necessary.

I mean okay, netflix is something most of us use, since we no longer watch TV too much. But for example, if you are not a fitness instructor or a professional that needs it – quit spotify premium; Amazon prime ? Not necessary. And so on… That way you will save pound by pound 🙂

#5 No compulsive shopping !

I am a woman myself, so I know how tempting new releases, new collections are. But just think and ask yourself “do I need it ?”. Make a list of the things you would like to buy if you had some extra money but always prioritise and think what’s actually needed or practical ! Finally you will realise you shop more reasonably and save money.

photo of woman in pink bodysuit posing inside a shopping cart
Photo by Oleg Magni on

#6 Use as little public transport as possible

Some extra steps or bike rides will only do you good ! Extra cardio :P. When in need to get somewhere really far, choose a bus rather than uber and you will save LOADS. Taxis and uber rides are extremely expensive especially during peak hours. Ever since moving here my step count is usually at least 10k. At the beginning I was like “OMG im so tired bla bla..” but now I feel great doing that extra “exercise” and my wallet feels even better.


That were only 6 out of many tips on how to save money as a student. I am willing to write a continued post !! Let me know what you think and what tips work for you ?

Liv x

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