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Things I learned living alone for the first time

Whether you are a student living away from your family or you moved elsewhere due to new job or whatever, we all face living alone at some point or having to deal with the home alone duties.

Before moving away from home I thought living on my own would be oh so glorious. No more parental control, eating whatever you wish etc… The reality is far different to that, although it is still good to experience living alone to learn how to deal with problems and a number of different situations in life.

#1 Love yourself

First thing I HAD TO LEARN was loving myself. I have always been optimistic but when I first started living on my own I realised I was not able to spend too much of a time with just myself because I would usually end up overthinking. Living alone helped me figure out who I really was and how important it is to be happy with who you are, be proud of it and take care of yourself.

#2 Improvising in the kitchen

I love cooking. But I did not realise how difficult it is to cook for just one person without wasting the food. Meal prep you say ? What if I told you I’m not actually happy to eat the same thing every day ?

I had to learn how to cook meals for one, 3 times a day, sometimes with almost zero ingredients because someone was too lazy to do shopping..


#3 Dealing with sadness solo is better than crying on someone else

Ever wanted to burst out crying like a baby but knew you couldn’t because there were others in the house and that would be inappropriate ? That’s not a problem anymore. Everyone has those moments and I have to say I appreciate being able to have my cry and scream without anyone watching if I need so.

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#4 Bills actually matter

Six months ago I never cared about leaving the lights on, having 2 hour long showers, playing the TV in the background all day and so on… Now, that I have to pay my own bills, I think “Shit, I might as well have a shower at the gym” (LOL). Honestly, living alone really helped me understand and respect money more.


#5 My mom was right when she said she had no time

Laundry, bills, e mails, uni, work, cooking…. and I thought I was well organised. I had to completely change the definition of “well-organised” in my dictionary, because I was clearly wrong. Not having someone to cook, clean and pay for your utilities brings that to a whole new level and to be honest I’m glad I got to understand this at such young age.

And those my friends, were 5 things I learned so far from living on my own. What is your experience ?


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