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Pole dancing as exercise

Are you a stripper ? Why would you do that ? Pole dancing as sport!-NO WAY

Those are only a couple of questions and statements I hear every time someone newly met finds out what my hobby is.. It’s a bit sad, isn’t it ? However, pole dancing is an intense exercise indeed, providing many many benefits a simple gym workout won’t, believe it or not. When I first started, I thought I needed all the strength and flexibility at the very beginning but turns out, it all comes naturally, faster than you think, specifically because the workout is way more intense than you realise.

Before I list you the oh so amazing benefits, let me just point that yes there is the “exotic side” to pole dancing but it is personal. You may feel like doing those sexy moves in the studio just for fun and for yourself, or you may choose to become a stripper and just use the pole for it or not… That is the way I see it.

#1 Best shape of your life regardless of your age

Like I said, pole dancing is crazy intense even if you don’t feel it plus, it’s great fun. What better way to workout than to enjoy it ? Pole dancing is a full-body workout containing resistance and cardio exercises in one, aiding your flexibility and definitely confidence ! Simple pole climbing requires a lot of strength, then we have many more acrobatic movements performed on the pole. All that shapes your body faster than anyone can imagine. Many famous pole dancers started late and admit they are in the best shape ever – Natasha Wang, who started at the age of 29 and now is a world champion !


#2 Calorie burner, fat killer

Depending on the intensity of your pole fitness workout you may burn up to 600 kcal an hour which is more than a simple gym workout. Foodie like me ? Come and join, so you can have that extra doughnut 😉

#3 Performance improved

I said the workout is both resistance training and cardio. Make that pole spinning and you will experience cardio on a whole new level – trust me ! Ever since I started pole dancing I feel as if my cardiovascular performance was that of an alien. I was never able to run more than 30 minutes before, now that half an hour is only a warm up. My friends always ask me how come I am always full of energy, ready for extra workout. My answer is train and eat like a beast = pole fitness.

#4 Human flag is possible

I still find it hard to believe it, but the strength you develop when you start pole dancing is real big. I did my first human flag after 2,5 years and considering I was only able to train 1-3 times a week at that time – I am more than surprised and proud. Pole fitness strengthens your full body, toning it and therefore boosting your confidence. Now you can beat that guy !

Anyone still considering pole dancing as “for strippers only” please come to my workout and try new things with me ! I will be happy to teach you all the spinning and static moves and will watch you suffer with pleasure 😛


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