Day at university in the UK

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a student in the United Kingdom ? Are you one of those people considering moving abroad for the crazy few years of university or maybe just for a year as in for exchange ?

That was exactly me just a few months back. I have always known I wanted to study in the UK, but the closer was the decision – the more concerned I was. In the end I thought I had always wanted this to happen and I would have been such a fool if I hadn’t tried.

So here I am ! Studying at Coventry University, nearly done with year 1, which I must say – has been so easy as if vacation never ended. We only had a few assignments, fairly enjoyable to be honest, and one easy exam.

So how does my day look like ?

Being completely frank, everyday is different, mostly because I only have three days at uni, and I usually don’t spend there more than 2-4 hours anyways. The only difference is, I have to do most work on my own doing research etc so I end up spending a lot of time in the library. During exams, midterms library is students’ first home here, no joke, we end up sleeping there and just getting our food delivered.

Apart from uni, I work part-time so I have to have that squeezed in my schedule. Right now I only work around 20 hours a week and I don’t even feel any pressure really.. I think I would be bored or end up going out WAYYYYY to much if not for the work.

I noticed a tendency of students here being all about fitness and health at the day and all about being alcoholics at night. Well, I must admit the I love our nights out just as much as working out so I probably fit in that category. I usually work out around 5 times a week. It might sound like a lot but being alone abroad completely changes your state of mind, you now have to deal with all the adulthood and sweating all that off at the gym is just the best way to detoxify my mind + I can eat anything anywhere ahahahaha

Ever since moving here, I never have to wake up earlier than 8:30 which is amazing. I usually have the chance to have a slow morning, where I wake up around 9/10 ish, enjoy my caffeine fix and morning netflix sesh. Afterwards, most times I will catch up on my e mail, write bits of my assignments or do other uni connected stuff.

Back in Poland, I remember I would only go to the gym at the end of the day. Here I got into a habit of working out between breakfast and lunch usually, which is a perfect to wake my mind up, I am most productive late evenings and a morning workout kind of boosts that productivity.

After I’ve had my workout depending on the schedule I will either head to uni or back home and do some work there. Then, it’s usually either work or friends time ! Work is nothing interesting to talk about haha. But nights out with friends ? Definitely. There is plenty of different clubs, pubs and different places offering a variety of activities such as climbing wall, ball room fun etc.


Lately we also have been having different events held by our societies. I took part in Spectacle which me and my Pole Fitness Society did to raise money for a charity ! That was just great fun and I have met PLENTY of amazing people. At such international oriented universities be prepared to meet people and make friends everyday. It is both amazing and as, especially when you have to separate with them for summer.


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