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I ate porridge everyday for a year


Growing up as a dancer and gymnast, I have always been very active and therefore – pretty skinny. However, believe it or not, if a few years ago someone told me to go vegan or eat healthy I would laugh out VERY loud. Old me loved McDonald’s, donuts and chocolate.

It all started a month before a dance competition I ended up not taking part in, because I injured both my knees. I never came back to dancing, because my doctors said, if I did, there would have been a possibility of me becoming disabled by the time I’m 25.

I could not just do nothing..

My mom knew my city’s best personal trainer at that time and asked her if she could help me find something that would remind me of my passion but at the same time would not hurt my knees, and also help them recover. That is how I started gymmin at the age of only 15 ! And that was he best choice ever.


Together with my fitness journey I started getting more and more into health, how foods affect us and our performance, what to eat when etc. And I started playing with different recipes. At that moment my brother went gluten free and my whole family was all about health and fitness so that was very supporting.

That is how my love for porridge started.

Sounds hilarious and boring, I know. How can you eat the same thing everyday for 3 years ?!

Well, porridge can be adapted to your lifestyle. Whether you are an athlete, trying to gain or loose weight, or just maintain healthy lifestyle – you can play with the toppings and the quantity, add extra protein powder when needed etc.

How has this changed my life ?

#1 I wake up excited for breakfast and never skip it

I know, I know. Intermittent fasting is very trendy at present, but really, breakfast is the most important meal and not skipping brekkie has A TON of benefits: you will feel energised during the day, will snack less, and your body will just perform better !

As said, you can make it sweet or savoury, just adjust it to your preferences and lifestyle, make it yummy and it is just the best thing ever ! My favourite combination is porridge oats mixed with protein powder and raw cacao powder, topped with banana and a table spoon of peanut butter. You get the protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats – BALANCE !


#2 My waistline got smaller

Like I said, I have always been skinny but I did measure my waistline just recently and noticed that it dropped by 4 cm ! Of course, I is also due to excerise, but if I was eating all the fast food and extra calories, small waistline definitely would not be a thing.

#3 My skin is glowing and I never break out

Ever since I changed my diet, I don’t remember the last time of having a pimple or any serious skin problems. I do not need any special treatment and I just use organic facial creams, that is all !

#4 Low GI brekkie

Many people ignore the wisdom, and like mentioned in #1 skip breakfast, what leads them to over consumption, carb loaded meals etc..

Getting into a habit of starting your day with porridge is a great act and we should all be conscious of what we put into our bodies and what impact it has.

I know many people love to indulge themselves for dinner, also usually followed by a sugary desert. Unfortunately, this is not the best way to be. It is much healthier to have a big meal for breakfast, lighter but still filling meal at lunchtime and a much lighter dinner. That will help you keep lean and healthy, and you will notice changes in your mood as well. You will feel healthier, lighter and happier !


Any other porridge lovers here ? What is your favourite combination ? Or if not a porridge lover – what do you like to eat for breakfast ? 

I hope there is no porridge haters (lol)..

Let me know down below !!

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