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How to change your eating habits

Are you a fan of chocolate, sweet or savoury snacks, fast food and fizzy drinks wondering how the hell do you break those habits and start enjoying healthy foods ?

Does salad sound too green and disgusting to you ?

Well, you have come to the right place, because believe it or not I have been there and managed to completely change those habits. Now I 100% love homemade foods, healthy snacks, fruit and vegetables. This post is here to give you 3 simple steps to follow if you want to get on that healthy track.

That will not be an easy journey, we have all lost with the beloved chocolate not once or twice but A LOT OF TIMES. Changing your habits slowly with incorporated treats will change your taste buds completely and I promise you will enjoy nourishing, healthy foods.

#1 Never restrict

Sounds simple, but many people trying to loose weight or simply exclude unhealthy treats from their diet end up eating dangerously small amounts of calories while also exercising, that will always lead you to binging on those foods because what our body craves the most when starving ? Sugar. Whatever your goal is, remember you should never restrict your calories drastically, not only will you end up binging but that will also come with mental health issues. Simply swap any unhealthy cravings with your favourite fruit or homemade, oven baked chips

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#2 Remove all those snacks from your home

Really ! I know, sounds sad, but try, do it ! Instead get yourself healthy, dark chocolate, popcorn, healthy protein balls, and when craving crisps – why not make them yourself ? Just instead of  frying them, bake them in the oven, you would be surprised how nice and crispy they turn out.

#3 Small steps

That is very important for your taste buds to get used to different foods and to start liking them. Don’t eliminate all those bad habits at once and implement drastic changes, start by eating more greens with your lunch and dinner, play with breakfast oatmeal and slowly exclude any refined foods from your diet.


To conclude,I really felt like sharing those 3 tips with you, I remember how difficult it was when I first started with my fitness and health journey and hope that could help.

Wishing everybody a good day !!!


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