Home for Christmas

Everybody would agree with me that Christmas brings out the most memories, emotions and joy. This is the time for us to gather together with our families and close ones to share that feelings and spread love, happiness, especially if relatives cannot see each other often because of various reasons.

It would have been a lie if I said I get homesick easily, because I don’t. However, Christmas without my family is something I can’t imagine and being back home for that joyful time is the best thing I could ask for. I grew up in a big house with parents, brother and grandparents, and every year at this time me and my nan would bake tons of different Christmas gingerbread biscutis and make our traditional dishes. And I got to do that again this year !

I think, because my home in Poland is no longer my day to day home, I appreciated and preached every moment and the fact of being able to spend Christmas with my loved ones more than I did in the previous years. I made sure to memorise and picture every moment possible, hug everyone and tell them how much I love them all the time.

Monday till Wednesday I was basically just consuming all the food that was in the kitchen, I also baked biscuits with my nan, had an updating, long conversation with her while drinking coffee and eating freshly baked goods; me, my parents and my little bro decorated the Christmas tree together while listening to a very festive playlist and eating all the chocolates I bought from the UK for them to try; I have also visited my polish pole freaks and we had a session together; then, I have met a new photographer and we did a short, festive photoshoot at my city’s Christmas Market. On Wednesday I also visited our local church along with my fam and then we watched the one and only Home Alone.

On Thursday I met with one of my best friends and we went to see new polish, Christmas themed comedy and then obviously we had food. This time of the year is about getting happy and fat right ?

Friday me and my high school squad reunited and that was THE NIGHT. It included pub and club crawl, lots of polish spirits, one in particular šŸ˜‰ It felt so good seeing them again after so long !

Saturday morning was, as you can imagine – a difficult one, but then in the evening me and my friend Karolina went ice skating and it took my mind back to the time when I was still in junior high and we would go ice skating almost every day during wintertime.

Sunday till Wednesday was all about my family, me and my mom went for a morning walk a couple of times, we all cooked our traditional Christmas dishes together , watched lots of festive films, drank a little too much alcohol, shared presents, laughed, ate it all. That was just the best time ever and I’m very sad Christmas is only once a year.

Then, sadly, it was time for me to pack and head to the airport to go back to Coventry. So me and my mom went on a little shopping trip to buy some goods from Poland, as well as, obviously – clothes. Then I packed my luggage and the next morning it was time to say goodbye to my family and go back šŸ˜¦


All in all, it has been an amazing time and best Christmas of my life. It was great to see my friends and family after a long time, we had a sit-together and talk time everyday, when we would over indulge on homemade cakes and biscuits and talk for hours about what has been going on and also remembering the old times.

I’m looking forward to go back again this month hopefully !


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