How I prep for a photoshoot

Magic tricks to look prettier and leaner for a photoshoot ?

The more models the more routines – here is mine. It is no magic really and never in my life have I stressed or restricted myself on a day before a photoshoot. However, I have set myself some rules that I follow pre photoshoot, and I put great effort in that “me time” to relief any stress I might be undergoing and to make sure I’m well rested.

#1 Healthy, real foods

Not only on a day before or the day of an actual photoshoot, but generally eating clean is a vital thing in my opinion. It makes you feel and look good and healthy. However, pre photoshoot I have to avoid foods such as (SAD!) apples and beans because my stomach is very sensitive and these two make me feel bloated very easily.

Low sodium ? I don’t personally cut on salt when prepping for a photoshoot, that’s due to the fact that on a daily basis I make sure not to overdo on salt and use the himalayan pink salt instead of a regular one.

#2 Eat a lot !

Some models are stupid enough to cut their calories so their stomachs look flat and skinny enough on pictures. Not only is that bad for both physical and mental health but may cause the opposite effect, as when on a high calorie deficit – constipation and therefore bloating may occur, and that is what we are trying to avoid right ? So I make sure to eat a lot, and incorporate lots of good fats, such as avocados and nuts to improve digestion.


#3 Me time

That is something everyone should emphasise on! No matter what you do in life – “me time”, showing some love to your body and system is vital for your mental and physical well-being. For me, I try to find some time to relax, think everyday. However, I put greater effort in that pre photoshoot, because if a model is tired or unhappy – it can be easily seen on a picture and for the photographer as they work. So the day before, on average I try to find some time to workout, as it definitely puts me in a great mood and boosts my energy, then I like to give my muscles, my body some rest in the sauna or take a long, warming bath. I additionally love to find random, cosy coffee or tea spots where I can relax to a good book or music. Also, Since I live abroad, I often call my mom before to talk about what have we been up to and just update ourselves on each other. She is my best friend and I always find those talks very helpful for my mental health.


Numero 4 is along with good nutrition a crucial factor for making people happy and good looking. Getting a good night’s sleep puts us in good mood, gives us a lot of positive energy for the day and keeps our apetite on a normal level, which is vital especially on a photoshoot day that I don’t overeat or look tired, hence why I make sure to get at least of 7 hours on a daily and 8-9 hours before shooting. Try it yourself and you will be surprised (happy!) with the results !

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That is all I can think of for now ! I also don’t necessarily want to bore you down with too long of a post. Let me know what do you think about that “routine” and let me know if you have one in regards to your work/ lifestyle ?



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