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Life update

Hello and welcome after a short break I could do nothing about and that had to be done due to TMAD, aka Too Many Assignments Due.

I’m coming to you with a short life update on what has been happening in my busy life.

Besides having a few too many course works to be done, which is obviously to boring to focus my post around this topic, in the meantime, I have had a photoshoot and have enrolled on a Personal Trainer level 3 and Fitness Instructor level 2 course. Finally !! I’ve been contemplating about this for a few years now so given the opportunity – I could not say no. This course will take me up to 9 months and I can do around 70% of it online which is fairly convenient as lets not forget, first of all I’m a full time student, secondly I additionally work part-time, furthermore I’m as well a part-time model, and wrapping my schedule around those three already makes me a freak.

Anyways, I will unquestionably keep you posted about how is the course going and how am I handling it all together with uni and two part-time jobs ! For now I will leave you to a decent amount of pictures we randomly shoot at my friend’s house last week !

Enjoy your Wed !


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