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Moving houses wasn’t easy

In this post I want to tell you a little about ‘the moving out process’, how did it go, what I did beforewards in order to be prepared for possible troubles etc..

First and foremost was the paperwork. I had to get all my school leaving exam results translated by a sworn translator so I could enroll at the University. I had to take both – the original and the translation with me. I additionally needed an ID copy and a European Health Insurance Card which they refused to give me… Luckily it turned out it’s not necessary for me to have it as I’m health-insured as a student here. I don’t think I have to mention booking a plane to London.

Then was the fooood. I naturally stocked up at foods like pasta, rice, etc because…. you never know. To be honest I just knew these would be a little more expensive here so I wanted to save a little. 

Here the real fun begins. Once I had it all sorted, all clothes washed it was time to pack. I chose the option to fly with 2×32 kg and a hand luggage. I was sure all the things would have fit in my suitcases, but you probably won’t be surprised if I tell you I ended up ordering the biggest suitcase possible and sending two parcels. And that was just a tiny tiny bit of a further trouble. Packing everything costed me a week and a million reasons to cry and get angry. Moreover, at the airport, it turned out, one of my suitcases was 1.6 kg too heavy and I had to re-pack and try to squeeze the extra luggage into the other suitcase which was a challenge. 

And the trouble continued as we arrived. How welcoming. Firstly – our bus was late with no information about its delay, then we missed our cab home and once we finally got there we were quick to find out the heating, gas and wi fi were not on what caused some more issues later on. Furthermore we certainly went to primark but it was no fun shopping, not this time, new bedding and more homeware was needed, cooking pans, cutlery etc. Finally, after some time we managed to make our house lively and gave it that home vibes.


You don’t wanna know how much money have I spent in the first 2 weeks. I’m afraid of looking at my bank account. Fortunately we have now settled and my only spendings are on food and drinks.

This post may continue with concentration on emotional side of moving houses. However, it’s up to you ! Comment !

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