Freshner’s week ?

Freshner – a new student who asks everybody for the way to different uni buildings, with ability to drink unlimited amounts of alcohol and have no sleep for a few nights straight to end the week with a freshner’s flu

Today’s post summs up my last week which was the first one at Coventry Uni. 

To begin with, let’s just say, welcoming freshners here differs A LOT to what you would experience in Poland and this week was totally not what I have expected. But it was surprising in a good way. 

Honestly, when we recieved our ‘freshner’s week timetables’ I was surprised by how busy they seemed and instantly prayed for my real schedule to be different. Luckily my prayers were answered. I attented the inducting lectures for the first two days and then, to be frank I thought that since the attendance wasn’t checked that week I would stay in bed a little longer. Here you can see this week’s timetable


More interesting stuff was happening outside university building’s walls – society’s fair where we could talk to society’s representatives and choose the one for us. There were plenty of them, even Chocolate lovers’ society ! I obviously joined Pole Fitness Society.

Being a part of society is not for free and prices vary depending on activities and whether they need to rent some building/ sports hall etc. But it’s well worth joining at least one of them that you can excell in and it may have a huge impact on your future and you may as well recieve a scholarship.

Besides the fair many more entertaining things took place, such as chat with Nick Grimshaw – a Radio 1 presenter; Domino’s pizza for free all week (xd!). I could continue naming more and more events.

During the week probably every club in town possible has thrown as many wicked parties as possible and too many “free shots” leaflets have been handed. Moreover shops, cafes, restaurants went crazy on students’ discounts and we ain’t complaining. Thanks to all the events I have already made some international friends and tried some Korean thing called Soju and I think I’ve found my one and only alcohol.

Moving on from partying, shopping and drinking. Another thing that is very different to what I’m used to and to an ordinary UK student is probably completely normal is checking the attendance and logging into the system using just my student ID card. Technology went crazy right ? I find the idea so cool. Our Uni also has something like students’ club called The Hub, which is opened 24/7, you can come anytime to use a PC, drink coffee at Costa, get a haircut or go to the cinema. Again, SO COOL.

To make you even more wowed let me just say our uni has crazy variety of trips to countries like Kuala Lumpur ?!?! There’s trips to New York, Seul, Arizona, Hong Kong and we don’t even have to pay too much as they’re subsidies. MAD

So that completes first week of impressions and WOW moments and as I have many more weeks to spend here – there will be more.



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